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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need a website for my business?

An easy way to present your business, Website is a Better communication platform for your clients and others, it's reducing the on line marketing(social media) stuff too.

What are the Checkpoints to create a website?

You have to book the domain with your business related keyword and that should be a memorable and short length.

Keep in mind, if before any one used that domain and if it's blocked by the search engine, then you will stuff in search engine ranking.

Prepare your business contents along with optimized images.

Find the web designer for your website.We are here to help you, design a professional responsive website.

Can I create my website within my budget(Quote)?

Really we will try to create your website within your budget, same time with quality.

What about the server configuration?

We will help you, to select the proper server configuration for your website(Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server).

Can I meet you Frequently for my website creation?

Yes, but No, We have designed many clients websites, that also from out side of India.you have to only email your business resource to us.If required, definitely we will meet you.

Can you do any correction after creating my website?

Yes.We will do the Similar level correction.

What about the Logo?

We will design you logo also but that is with external packages.

What about after one year of my website age?

Easy, you have to renew your domain along with hosting.