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Logo Design

A logo is the quintessential component of a company’s brand. The logo design visually expresses a company’s identity. Because of the logo, your company’s name gets cemented in one’s mind as soon as they see it.

The most important thing to bear in mind is the goal of the logo. Ask yourself a few questions? Is the logo successful in recognizing your company’s brand and conveying the intended message? Is it catchy? Is it aspirational?

Creating an effective, professional logo helps users or clients establish an association, feeling, and emotion to your brand. If you are successful in that, whoa, your logo is working. A logo must not just mirror its company for which it stands for but also represent its target audience. Here are some principles to follow to create a kick-ass logo:

Make it simple

Make in impressive and unforgettable

Make it look fresh all the time

Give it a contemporary look

Make it well proportional and balanced

Make it versatile

Types of Logos

There are primarily types of logo designs, namely Symbolic Logos(company logo design,custom logo design,business logo design), Logotypes, and Combination Marks

Symbolic Logos

Symbolic Logos are also called icons, marks, or ideograms. The focus here is on images, rather than texts, so as to represent the company. This kind of logo is adopted by mostly established companies, as you recognize the company as soon as you see the logo.


Logotypes, aka wordmark logo, is a standard graphic representation of the company’s name or its product, mainly used for the purpose of recognition and branding. It is a unique text-only typographic treatment. This type of logo uses typography, color, size, and style to exemplify the owner or brand.

Combination Mark Logo

A Combination Mark logo, as the name suggests, combines a symbol with text to represent a brand. The symbol and text can be placed beside each other or can be completely fused together. This type gives the brand a better identity.

If you are looking for a company that creates a resplendent logo, the first step you have to take is hand-pick the right logo creator who can help you choose the right type of logo for you. Most logo generating companies design all the three types of logos

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